Sunday, March 18, 2012

Name that Car!!!

03.18.2012 [Day 19]

Today we named my ActiveE. My ActiveE was sexually indeterminate since I picked it up on that glorious day 02.29.2012. I was not really sure if I was going to name it EVe or StEVe as a play on EV. But my dear husband opposed me and said both names are much too common. Since we were in the midst of developing a 3rd grade science experiment, we started thinking of scientists. Tesla: already taken; Einstein: photoelectric effect used in solar cells but I don't have solar (yet); Edison: hmmmm, that has a nice *buzz* to it. And since I will be sipping from SCE - Southern California EDISON for a while... EDISON it is!

E fficient
D ynamic
I nnovative
S ustainable
O ptimum
N ovel

Congratulations, it's a BOY! Say hello to EDISON!!!

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